Hi, I'm Anne-Laure. I'm an entrepreneur, an ex-Googler, and a neuroscience student. I love bringing products to market that help people be happier and healthier.

I've always been fascinated by human consciousness and the biology of the mind. I believe the complex interactions in our brain shape our thoughts, memories, feelings and dreams, and ultimately make us human.

I'm half-French, half-Algerian. I was born in Paris, sold French wine in New York, studied in Tokyo, worked at Google in San Francisco, and started a company in London. I've been fortunate to be able to visit more than thirty countries. My sister lives in South Korea, my little brother in France, my big brother in Belgium. My parents got married at Burning Man last year.

Things I love to talk about: wellness in our modern age, mental health, sexual health, new relationship models, psychedelics in healthcare and society, digital for the digitally excluded, personal branding, tech for good, science fiction.

Please get in touch if any of this sounds interesting to you, if you need help with anything digital or marketing related, or if you have a good book to recommend.



Ness Labs, Founder & CEO

#diversity30, Editor

Entrepreneur First, Entrepreneur in Residence

Google, Brand Marketing Lead, Digital Health

Google, Content Lead, B2B Marketing

The Guardian, Production Assistant

L'Oreal, Lab Assistant


MSc, Applied Neuroscience, King's College London (ongoing)

MSc, Marketing & Management, Rouen Business School


Indie Hackers, Community Lead

Founders of the Future, Ambassador

Google Campus, Startup Mentor

Art Works for Change, Board


Make & Shine, An Indie maker's guide to personal branding

The Creative Nomad, A monthly newsletter about wellness, creativity & culture

Non-Monogamy: Measuring Degrees of Sexual and Romantic Exclusivity in Relationships


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