Hi, I’m Anne-Laure. I’m a neuroscientist, writer & entrepreneur. I love helping people think better, learn faster and work happier.

I’ve always been fascinated by human consciousness and the biology of the mind. I believe the complex interactions in our brain shape our thoughts, memories, feelings and dreams, and ultimately make us human.

I’m half-French, half-Algerian. I was born in Paris, sold French wine in New York, studied in Tokyo, worked at Google in San Francisco, and I’m now based in London. My sister lives in South Korea, my little brother in Hungary, my big brother in Belgium. A few years ago, my parents tied the knot at Burning Man.

After a couple of failed startups, I founded Ness Labs, a learning community for people who want to achieve more without sacrificing their mental health.

I’m also a cognitive neuroscientist in training, pursuing a PhD in Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College London where I investigate how different brains learn differently.

Every week, I write a newsletter about creativity, learning, and mindful productivity, which is read by more than 95,000 curious minds.

Things I love to talk about: curiosity, learning how to learn, inclusive education, mental health in our modern age, psychedelics in healthcare and society, new relationship models, the magic of liminality, tech for good, science fiction.

Please get in touch if any of this sounds interesting to you, if you need help with anything related to the above topics, or if you have a good book to recommend.


Where I’ve worked

Ness Labs, Founder & CEO (current)

Entrepreneur First, Founder in Residence

Google, Global Marketing Lead, Google Fit

Google, Content Lead, Think with Google UK

The Guardian, Production Assistant

L’Oréal, Lab Assistant

Advisory roles

Applied Neuroscience Association

UKRI Mental Health Research

The Entrepreneurs Network

Founders Academy

My studies

PhD, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London (ongoing)

MSc, Applied Neuroscience, King’s College London

Some side projects

Carden, gamified flashcards made with ♡ with my super talented friend Alyssa X

Teeny Breaks, a browser extension to integrate mindful breaks into your workflow

Maker Mag, the magazine for indie entrepreneurs (sold)

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